ECE 136L Microelectronics Laboratory

Winter Quarter, Jan 4 – Mar 17, 2017


University of California San Diego

Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering



Instructor:     Prof. Shadi Dayeh

            Office: Jacobs Hall (EBU1), Room 3609

                        Tel.: (858) 534-5171; Fax: (858) 534-0556; e-mail:

Office Hours: Tu 11:00 am – noon, Wed 10 – 11 am or by appointment.


Lectures:  Tuesday, Thursday 9:30 am - 10:50 am Warren Lecture Hall, Room 2115.                


Syllabus & Course Policy


Teaching Assistants: Atsunori Tanaka & Mehran Ganji


_      Announcements:


-       1/18/2017: Welcome to ECE136L class website! Please check this website regularly for announcements and class related handouts.

-       1/18/2017: Reading assignment of this week’s lab is experiment # 2 and operation procedures 104 and 106.

-       1/19/2017: In today’s lecture, we went over photolithography on the blackboard. We then went over a review of basic semiconductor fundamentals starting from carrier statistics to how one lines up energy band-edge diagrams in the context of Schottky contacts to some elementary concepts about Schottky diode operation. We will go over the ppt slides next time and the handwritten notes are also uploaded below.

-       1/24/2017: In today’s lecture, we continued our review of basic semiconductor device physics. We went over the electrostatics in Schottky diodes, determination of the barrier height from CV characteristics, discussed the origin and character of surface states and introduced the concept of surface Fermi energy pinning. We then discussed the current flow in Schottky diodes and did a brief discussion on the formation of Ohmic contacts. We’ll pick up on pn junctions in next lecture.

-       1/25/2017: In tomorrow’s lecture, we will finish the ECE103 topics review. We will discuss the current transport mechanisms in semiconductors (drift/diffusion & continuity equation)and look at the pn junctions electrostatics, depletion widths, built in potential and electric fields, through both quantitative and qualitative description of Poisson’s equation. We will then derive the boundary conditions at the edge of the depletion region and use the continuity equation to calculate the currents in the pn junction. 

-       1/31/2017: In today’s lecture, we will overview kinetic gas theory to look at the velocity and mean free path of gas atoms during deposition and discuss different deposition techniques including evaporation, sputtering, and chemical vapor deposition.

-       2/2/2017: In today’s lecture, we will go over photolithography basics, wet and dry etching, and recent lithography techniques.

-       2/7/2017: In today’s lecture, we will go over dry and wet oxidation, look at a couple of examples, and discuss the use of oxides as diffusion masks and for shallow trench isolation.

-       2/16/2017: In Tuesday’s lecture, we went over impurity diffusion. In today’s lecture, we will go over ion implantation.

-       2/21/2017: In Today’s lecture, we will go over different strategies for the formation of contacts and interconnects.

-       2/23/2017: In Today’s lecture, we went over MEMS processes in surface and bulk micromachining and co-integration with Si CMOS (hybrid and monolithic – pre and post CMOS fabrication). We also went over packaging.

-       2/28/2017: In Today’s lecture, we continued packaging and went over MOS integration.

-       2/28/2017: A sample midterm is uploaded in the exam section.


_      Lecture Notes:


-       1/18/2017: Lecture1.1

-       1/19/2017: Lecture1.2 Lecture1.2notes

-       1/24/2017: Lecture1.3notes

-       1/25/2017: Lecture1.4notes

-       1/31/2017: Lecture2

-       2/2/2017: Lecture3

-       2/7/2017: Lecture4

-       2/16/2017: Lecture5

-       2/16/2017: Lecture6

-       2/21/2017: Lecture7

-       2/23/2017: Lecture8

-       2/23/2017: Lecture9

-       2/28/2017: Lecture10


_      Handouts:

-       1/31/2017: ECE103 Lecture Notes



_      Problem Sets and Solutions:

-       2/16/2017: Homework#1        Homework#1 solution


_      Exams and Solutions

-       2/28/2017: Sample midterm: 2016 exam and solution


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