ECE 236A Semiconductor Heterostructure Materials

Fall Quarter, Sept. 25 – Dec. 16, 2017


University of California San Diego

Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering



Instructor:     Prof. Shadi Dayeh

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Lectures:  Tuesday, Thursday 3:30 pm - 5:50 pm Center Hall, Room 207.                


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_      Announcements:


-       9/28/2017: Welcome to ECE236A class website! Please check this website regularly for announcements and handouts. 

-       10/05/2017: In today's lecture, we will go over band-offsets and their determination. 

      10/05/2017: Homework # 1 is handed out today and will be due in 1 week (Oct. 12th at the beginning of the lecture). 

      10/10/2017: In today's lecture, we will overview epitaxy techniques and do some analysis of the growth particularly related to the metal organic chemical vapor deposition (MOCVD). 

      10/19/2017: In today's lecture, we will discuss defects in materials to pave the way for understanding defects that arise at heterointerfaces and in heterostructure materials. We are specifically interested in defects in III-V Zinc Blende and Wurtzite crystals and it is important to know the particular perfect and faulty stacking in both defective and non-defective crystals and to understand the different nomenclature for the different types of defects and their formation energy. 

      10/24/2017: In today's lecture, we will discuss lattice mismatch in semiconductor heterostructures, stress, strain definitions, the elastic energy of materials, and the strain energy in the heterostructure layers. 

      10/24/2017: Homework # 2 is handed out today and will be due in 2 weeks (Nov. 7th at the beginning of the lecture). 

      10/26/2017: In today's lecture, we reviewed the definitions of the elastic properties of materials and the symmetries in cubic systems to reduce the strains and elastic stiffness coefficients. We then looked at the dislocation strain energy and the energy minimization for the insertion of dislocations to relieve stress in lattice mismatched systems.

      10/26/2017: Please read the literature/additional references for the lectures 7-8.

      11/2/2017: In today's lecture, we will go over the influence of strain on energy band-edge structure and start the discussions on quantum well conduction band states and density of states.

      11/2/2017: Homework # 3 is handed out today and will be due on Nov. 14th at the beginning of the lecture. 

     11/7/2017: In today's lecture, we will go over the 2D density of states, valence band states, and valence band quantum well states. 

      11/7/2017: Homework # 3 due date is postponed to Nov. 16. 

    11/9/2017: In today's lecture, we will go over the calculation of the 2DEG in quantum wells. We will then discuss electrostatics in pN heterostructure junctions and the inclusion of minority carriers.  

    11/14/2017: In today's lecture, we will go over electrostatics in pN heterostructures, current transport, and start discussion on transport in tunnel diodes.

    11/16/2017: In today's lecture, we will discuss transport in tunnel diodes, transport in multi-quantum well structures, and in 1D structures. The lecture notes for this section of the class have been updated below (Lecture 12)  

    11/16/2017: Homework #4 has been uploaded and will be due on Nov. 30th in my office at 3:30pm. 

    11/30/2017: In today's lecture, we will go over nitrides, polarization effects, and their influence on LEDs and how to mitigate these influences.


_      Lecture Notes:


-       09/28/2017: Lecture1

-       10/05/2017: Lecture2&3

-       10/10/2017: Lecture4

-       10/19/2017: Lecture6

-       10/24/2017: Lecture7.1

-       10/26/2017: Lecture7.2

-       11/02/2017: Lecture9.1

-       11/07/2017: Lecture9.2

-       11/09/2017: Midterm and Short paper handout

-       11/09/2017: Lecture9.3

-       11/16/2017: Lecture12

-       11/30/2017: Lecture15


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            -       10/05/2017: Homework 1             10/12/2017: Homework 1 Solutions

            -       10/24/2017: Homework 2             11/13/2017: Homework 2 Solutions

            -       11/02/2017: Homework 3             11/18/2017: Homework 3 Solutions    

            -       11/16/2017: Homework 4             12/5/2017: Homework 4 Solutions        

_      Exams and Solutions

             12/5/2017: Midterm                     12/5/2017: Midterm Solutions        


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