IEBL Book chapters -- 2013

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4 Growth of Germanium, Silicon, and Ge/Si Heterostructure Nanowires

Processing, Properties, and Applications of Nanowires of Silicon and Silicides

by Shadi A. Dayeh, S. T. Picraux, 2013
[pdf] (3.9 MB)
3 Sharp-Switching CMOS-Compatible Devices with High Current Drive

Future Trends in Microelectronics: Frontiers and Innovations

by J. Wan, S. Cristoloveanu, S. T. Le, A. Zaslavsky, C. L. Royer, S. A. Dayeh, D. E. Perea, and S. T. Picraux, 2013
[pdf] (1.7 MB)
2 Design of Radial p-i-n Si Nanowires for High Performance Solar Cells

The Wonder of Nanotechnology: Present and future of Optoelectronics Quantum Devices and their applications for Environment

by Binh-Minh Nguyen, Jinkyoung Yoo, Shadi A. Dayeh, Paul Schuele, David Evans, and S. T. Picraux, 2013
[pdf] (4.2 MB)