IEBL Conference publications -- 2013

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14 (Invited) Nanoscale Heterogeneous Reactions and Interfaces in Ge/Si and for III-V on Si Integrated Devices S. Dayeh, W. Tang, B.-M. Nguyen, X. Dai, Y. Liu, Y. Hwang, X. - H. Liu, R. Chen in ECS Transactions, 58, 7, 115--125, 2013 10.1149/05807.0115ecst
13 Ultra-short channel field effect transistors based on Ge/Si core/shell nanowires Binh-Minh Nguyen, Yang Liu, Wei Tang, S. Tom Picraux, Shadi A. Dayeh in SPIE, , 2013 10.1117/12.2008676
12 Sharp-Switching High-Current Tunneling Devices A. Zaslavsky, J. Wan, S. T. Le, P. Jannaty, S. Cristoloveanu, C. Le Royer, D. E. Perea, S. A. Dayeh, S. T. Picraux in ECS Transactions, 53, 5, 63--74, 2013 10.1149/05305.0063ecst
11 One-Dimensional Semiconductor Heterostructures: Challenges and Opportunities S. A. Dayeh in ECS Transactions, 50, 6, 55--60, 2013 10.1149/05006.0055ecst
10 Tracking Ultrafast Carrier Dynamics in Single Semiconductor Nanowire Heterostructures M.A. Seo, J. Yoo, D.E. Perea, S. A. Dayeh, S. T. Picraux, A.J. Taylor, R.P. Prasankumar in EPJ Web of Conferences, 41, , 04030, 2013 10.1051/epjconf/20134104030