IEBL Patents -- All

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4 Monolithic Integration of Ultra-scaled High Performance Pin-Size Wearable Electronics.. by Shadi A. Dayeh, James Buckwalter, Namseok Park, Siarhei Vishniakou, Atsunori Tanaka, Cooper Levy
3 Solid-State Wafer Bonding of Functional Materials on Substrates And Self-Aligned Contacts (Provisional OC9182-EFS) by Shadi A Dayeh and Renjie Chen
2 Flexible Penetrating Cortical Multielectrode Array and Manufacturing Methods Thereof (Provisional NV8623-EFS) by Shadi A Dayeh and Farid Azzazy
1 Nanowire Photodetector and Image Sensor with Internal Gain by Deli Wang, Cesare Soci, Yu-Hwa Lo, Arthur Zhang, David Aplin, Lingquan Wang, Shadi Dayeh, and Xin Yu Bao