Name Email Research
Farid Medhat Azzazy

Masters Student
Xing Dai

Graduate student visiting from Nanyang Technological University
InGaAs FinFETs on Si. Currently staff member at Almae Technologies, France.

Advisors: Shadi A. Dayeh, Cesare Soci
Cory Heath

Undergraduate researcher
Microfluidic channels in Si for patch-clamp arrays. Currently Master student at UCSD.

Advisors: Shadi A. Dayeh
Yoon-Tae Hwang

Postdoctoral Fellow
Advanced neural probes on sapphire substrates. Currently senior engineer at Samsung Electronics.

Advisors: Shadi A. Dayeh
Phil Mages

Staff Associate
Keisuke Matsushita

PhD Student
Michael Mullins-Jensen

Undergraduate researcher
Vertical junction Si solar cells. Currently at Stanford University

Advisors: Shadi A. Dayeh
Binh-Minh Nguyen

Director Postdoctoral Fellow
SiGe heteroepitaxy and devices. Currently technical staff member at Hughes Research Labs.

Advisors: Shadi A. Dayeh
Namseok Park

Postdoc Clinical high density recording electrodes

Advisors: Shadi A. Dayeh
Timothy Searcy Advisors: Shadi A. Dayeh
Supanee Sukrittanon

Technical Staff, Intel Inc. Vertical junction dilute nitride solar cells

Advisors: Shadi A. Dayeh, Charles Tu
Wei Tang

Graduate researcher visiting from UCLA
Silicide contacts to Si nanochannels. Currently at Lam Research Labs.

Advisors: Shadi A. Dayeh, King-Ning Tu
Siarhei Vishniakou

Technical Staff @ Google
Jinkyoung Yoo

Postdoctoral Fellow
Nano and Meso-scale Si epitaxy for Si vertical junction solar cells. Currently CINT scientist at Los Alamos National Laboratory

Advisors: Shadi A. Dayeh, S. Tom Picraux