Sept. 27 2016

Prof. Dayeh presents two invited talks at Prime 2016

Prof. Dayeh will present IEBL's progress in two distinct areas at the upcoming Electrochemical Society Prime 2016 Meeting in Honolulu on Oct. 4th. 15:30 1975 (Invited) Strain Engineered Crack-Free GaN on Si for Integrated Vertical High Power GaN Devices with Si CMOS S. Dayeh, A. Tanaka, W. Choi, and R. Chen (UC San Diego) @ 320 (Hawai'i Convention Center) 16:40 2210 (Invited) High Density Individually Addressable Nanowire Arrays for Intracellular Mapping of Neuronal Activity S. Dayeh (UC San Diego) @ 308 B (Hawai'i Convention Center)

Aug. 11 2016

Prof. Dayeh presents an Invited Talk at the IMS/LANL

Prof. Dayeh presented a seminar at the Institute for Materials Science at Los Alamos National Laboratory summarizing IEBL's efforts in wearable and cortical implants titled "Integrated Flexible Technologies for Wearables and Cortical Implants".

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We are a young, multidisciplinary, and dedicated research group with strong scientific and technical foundations reducing to practice innovative solutions for the most pressing problems in energy- and health-relevant electronic materials. Our research covers studies in electronic and biointerface materials and devices from atomic and molecular scale processes to fully functional systems.

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