ECE103 -- Fundamentals of Devices and Materials

ECE135B -- Electronic Devices

ECE136L -- Microelectronics Laboratory

ECE236A -- Semiconductor Heterostructure Materials

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Introduction to semiconductor materials and devices. Semiconductor crystal structure, energy bands, doping, carrier statistics, drift and diffusion, p-n junctions, metal-semiconductor junctions. Bipolar junction transistors: current flow, amplification, switching, nonideal behavior. Metal-oxide-semiconductor structures, MOSFETs, device scaling.

Prerequisites: Phys 2D or Phys 4D and 4E with grades of C– or better.

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An in-depth treatment of metal-semiconductor junctions (Ef pinning and index of interfaces, electrostatics and current flow, ohmic contacts), solar cells (light absorption and carrier generation, boundary conditions, derivation of J-V characteristics and solar cell figures of merit, non-ideal effects), field-effect transistors (MIS capacitors, space-charge and CV, interface states, MOSFET operation regimes, general current equations and approximations, short channel effects), and biopolar junction transistors (operating regimes, performance parameters, boundary conditions and IV, Kirk, base width and punch through effects, Gummel-Poon and Ebers-Moll models, small signal models and frequency response).

Prerequisites: ECE 103 and ECE 135A with a grade of C– or better.

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Laboratory fabrication of Schottky diodes, LEDs, MOS capacitors and field effect transistors covering photolithography, oxidation, diffusion, thin film deposition, etching and evaluation of devices through IV and CV characterization and analysis.

Prerequisites: ECE 103

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Graduate level course on heterostructures bandoffsets and measurements, epitaxy techniques and mechanisms, strain and strain relaxation in heterostructure materials, influence of strain on band-structure, quantum wells and their band structures, two-dimensional electron gas, nN and pN heterostructures, tunnel and quantum transport, nitrides.

Prerequisites: ECE230A. Recommended: ECE230B and ECE230C.