What we do outside of lab...

IEBL soccer day


Left to right: Joonseop Sim, Woojin Choi, Yun Goo Ro, Sang Heon Lee, Prof. Dayeh, Keundong Lee, Atsunori Tanaka, Lorraine Hossien

IEBL hike to Potato Chip Rock

Potato chip rock

L to R: Siarhei Vishniakou, Erika, Lorraine Hossain, Woojin Choi, Ahmed Youssef, Oscar Guerrero, Prof. Gyu-Chul Yi

IEBL dining in Chedi Thai Bistro

Thai restaurant

L-to-R: Yun Goo Ro, Woojin Choi, Shadi Dayeh, JoonSeop Park, Keisuke Matsushita, Oscar Guerrero, Valeria Gonzalez, Lorraine Hossain, Atsunori Tanaka, Namseok Park



BBQ day in Mission Bay

Mission Bay

L-to-R: Adrian Luna, JoonSeop Sim, Woojin Choi, Ahmed Youssef, Valeria Gonzalez, Martin Magno, Shadi Dayeh, Sang Heon Lee, Siarhei Vishnniakou, Atsunori Tanaka, Lorraine Hossain, Mehran Ganji; not pictured Supanee, Keisuke, Ren, Renjie, and Yun Goo

IEBL group kayaking in Mission Bay


Group pausing kayaking to look for Sang Heon Lee's key and take a picture

Group Lunch at Il Fornaio, Del Mar, Dec. 10, 2014

Group lunch

clockwise: Yun Goo Ro, Renjie Chen, Cheryle Wills (faculty assistant), Cindy Svacina (fund manager), Ren Liu, Shadi Dayeh, Becky Uhl (fund manager), Siarhei Vishniakou, Namseok Park, Sang Heon Lee, Atsunori Tanaka.